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Following changes in Police Verification Procedure for different categories of passport applications, if the applicant has made changes in the following, he/she will henceforth be issued passports subject to police verification from their respective place of residence in India: -

(i). Change in name and their personal particulars (date of birth, place of birth, gender, parent’s names, change in appearance) except in the case of change/addition of name/surname by woman applicant due to marriage/divorce.
(ii). Applicants giving false information about old passports held by them.
(iii). Passport is lost/fully damaged/stolen/serious damage cases and or photo of the applicant on the passport is damaged.
(iv). Passport application is submitted more than 3 years after expiry of passport
(v). Court/criminal case(s) are pending against the applicant in India.

Applicants who fall in these categories are advised to apply well ahead of time with all supporting documents, as issue of passports, henceforth, would only be after due police verification. Please be informed that the onus of giving correct particulars rests with the applicants.

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Visa Requirements

Passport Requirements

Consular Services

OCI Services

Renewal of passport

Processing time : Minimum 5 working days

The applicant who is not completed 21 years of age
A - Needs to produce a copy of both the parents' passports and the Singapore IC along with Re-entry/Validity pages while submitting the application.
B - Undertaking Form - Ensure that this undertaking should be filled and signed by both the parents and enclosed along with the child passport application while submission. Please click here.


  1. Applicants are requested to follow their old passport details during the form filling time (Name, parents and spouse name should be same sequence same as old passport).
  2. If you wish to make any changes supporting documents are required during the submission of application.
  3. Please note when you are making any correction or changes it is mandatory to make remarks in the application when you fill the passport online form.
  4. Online Passport Application Form
  5. One recent coloured photograph (51*51 mm) in white background.
  6. Original and Copy of the Govt. of India Gazette Notification and one newspaper advertisement (mention the new and old name, current passport number) published in Singapore.
    Clippings of two Newspaper published from one in India and one in Singapore mentioning the name change along with current passport number.
  7. Any endorsements/valid visas have to be specifically informed to the counter staff upon submission.
  8. Applicant aged 5 and above are required to be physically present for submission of application
  9. If passport validity is more than one year, original company letter is required stating the reason for early renewal has to be mentioned
  10. Clear Copy of Singapore IC including Validity page  (EP/Spass/Work permit/DP etc..  ) is required. If the applicant is PR, clear copy of PR card and valid re-entry permit is required.
  11. The applicant who are below 21 years of age should submit clear copies of both parents valid passport and Singapore IC  ( Including Validity page ) along with the application. It is a mandatory requirement.
  12. Children who are below 18 years of age should submit the valid passport copy of both parents for the renewal of child passport. Its a mandatory requirement
  13. Minor passport renewal - If one of the parents is holding a foreign passport, he/she has to produce a letter along with the minor application stating they have not submitted any application for foreign citizenship for their child.
  14. Minor Applicant cannot change their permanent address based on their Adhar card or any other proof under their name. They must follow one of the parents' passport address if they wish to change the permanent address.
  15. Undertaking Form - Ensure that this undertaking should be filled and signed by both the parents and enclosed along with the child passport application while submission. Please click here

Checklist for changes in the passport
Change Date of Birth:

Anyone of the below documents are accepted for correction of Date of Birth in the current passport. Please submit a copy, mention on the application form and inform the submission officer.

  1. Birth Certificate issued by Registrar of Birth & Death
  2. Transfer/School Leaving/Matriculation Certificate issued by the school last attended/recognized educational board containing DOB of the applicant
  3. PAN Card issued by Income Tax Department with DOB of the applicant
  4. Aadhar Card/E-Aadhar having DOB of the applicant
  5. Driving License issued by the Transport Department of concerned State Government having DOB of the applicant
  6. Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC) issued by the Election Commission of India having DOB of the applicant
  7. Policy Bond issued by the Public Life Insurance Corporations/Companies having DOB of the holder of the insurance policy

Add Spouse (Husband/Wife) Name:

  1. No proof of marriage required. Applicant has to mention his/her spouse name correctly on the passport application form
  2. The self-declaration letter with signature of the applicant on a plain paper mentioning the inclusion of spouse name

Remove Spouse (Husband/Wife) Name:

  1. Copy of marriage certificate and official decree of divorce issued by the Court for addition and deletion of spouse name and photocopies of above documents.

Change of Address

Submit one copy of the below mentioned document for the change of address

  1. Copy of Aadhar Card / E-Aadhar mentioned on applicant name
  2. Copy of Voter Id mentioned on applicant name
  3. Copy of Driving License mentioned on applicant name
  4. Copy of Nationalized Bank Passbook or bank statement mentioned on the applicant name - Click here
  5. Copy of latest BSNL & MTNL mentioned on applicant name
  6. Copy of latest Electricity bills mentioned on applicant name
  7. Copy of Spouse Passport Copy
  8. Copy of anyone Parent Passport Copy for minors less than 15-year-old
  9. Copy of House Registration – Sale Deed mentioned on applicant name

Change of Name:

  1. A surname can be added after marriage or changed from Maiden name to Married name with a self-declaration letter from the applicant mentioning the reason for the same. New name has to be mentioned on the Passport Application Form along with documental proof of marriage certificate and spouse passport copy
  2. A surname can be added after divorce or changed from Married name to Maiden name with a self-declaration letter from the applicant mentioning the reason for the same. New name has to be mentioned on the Passport Application Form along with documental proof of divorce certificate or death certificate which ever is applicable and spouse passport copy if applicable.
  3. No addition or deletion of name is possible in the existing name without change in Gazette.

Fee schedule

Passport Service Fee in SGD
Damaged Jumbo Passport 238
Damaged Passport 205
Lost Jumbo Passport 238
Lost Passport 205
Fresh Passport 104
Fresh Passport Minor (up to 15 Years ) - 36 Pages 71
Fresh Passport Jumbo - For Adult 138
Passport cancellation 200
Police clearance certificate 37
Tatkal 201

BLS Service charge is SGD 14.29/-

Covid-19 safety surcharge - SGD 2.20

Processing Time

Service Processing Time
Normal Process Normally between 05-08 working days
Tatkal Process 03 working days
The applicant who wishes to submit their application under TATKAL scheme, he/she shall request to submit 03 supporting documents (for minor applicant 02 supporting documents) listed in the notification. For the documentation list please refer the attached notification. Click here...
Processing time of all applications is decided by the HCI Singapore. BLS International has no involvement in the decision-making process of the HCI.