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Marriage certificate - requirements & details


To obtain a marriage certificate you would need the following documents:

  1. Applicants have to come in person to apply for Marriage certificate
  2. Marriage Certificate application Form should be completely filled and signed by the applicant
  3. Original Passports of both the spouses and photocopies of the same.
  4. Original and Copy of NRIC, in case of Foreign National (EP, WP, SPASS, Re-entry permit, DP)
  5. Documentary evidence of marriage like Wedding Card, Affidavit from Notary public or any gazette officer in India(must bring in original and photocopy of the proof)
  6. Before applying for marriage certificate the spouse name is to be included in the passport
  7. Original Marriage Certificate must be submitted along with the application wherever is applicable.
  8. Processing time is 3 to 5 working days.
  9. Online Application Form for Marriage certificate‚Äč
  10. The applicant who cancelled Indian passport by taking foreign citizenship is not eligible for this service.

Fee schedule

Fee schedule
Fee 30+14.29

SGD 14.29 is BLS service charge

Covid-19 safety surcharge - SGD 2.20