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Requirements for a journalist visa

  1. Please read General Instructions of Visa
  2. Visa application has to registered on the link under Regular Visa application. After saving the application a print out of the application should be signed by the applicant. Fax Form for Visa needs to submitted along with Visa application for all Non-Singapore National.
  3. Visa Application Form should be completely filled and signed by the applicant.
  4. Photocopy of the passport bio- page and Original passport with validity at least six months beyond the Validity of visa.
  5. Minimum two visa blank pages should be available to stamp the visa.
  6. All applicants applying for visa must bring passport copy and IC copy (NRIC, Re-entry permit, EP, S Pass or work-permit)
  7. 1 latest white background passport size photograph. Photograph should be taken less than 6 months.
  8. Journalists and media personnel travelling to India for professional/work related /tourism or for any other purpose except for employment in an Indian Media Organisation are advised to apply for Journalist visa.
    1. Journalists having OCI/PIO cards, intending to visit India, may use the OCI/PIO card in case the visit does not involve restricted areas. If the visit to PAP/RAP areas is involved, the journalists holding OCI/PIO card must approach the High Commission for prior approval to visit restricted/protected areas. List of such areas may be seen at
    2. For any additional assistance and enquiries, please contact:
      Smt. Bharti S.Bhatnagar
      Attache (PIC)
      Phone: +65-62382516, Fax: +65-67326909
  9. Visa applicants are advised to submit their previous cancelled passport along with existing valid passport while processing the visa application at BLS centres.

Fee schedule for journalist visa

BLS Service Fee SGD 14.29

Covid-19 safety surcharge - SGD 2.20

Visa Fees and Processing Time