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Please be informed that, effective from 08/06/2020 all the Passport, Consular and OCI applications will be accepted only through the appointment system. Kindly produce your appointment confirmation message for the verification while visiting our centre

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Driving license confirmation letter - requirements & details


Please note that the High Commission of India in Singapore will issue a confirmation letter only after satisfying itself about the authenticity of the documents produced before it.

To obtain a Driving License Confirmation Letter you would need the following documents:

  1. Applicant has to come in person for submitting application.
  2. Passport and license in original (both International and Indian) and photocopies of the same.
  3. Original and Copy of NRIC(EP,WP, S-PASS, Re-entry permit, DP)
  4. Requisition letter from driving center (pink form) endorsed by Land Transport Authority (must bring original and copy ofpink form)
  5. High Commission will issue such a confirmation letter only after verifying the authenticity of the documents produced before it. While the High Commission will make every effort to have the verification process expedited, some delay in this is possible.
  6. Online Application Form for Driving license confirmation letter
  7. The applicant who cancelled Indian passport by taking foreign citizenship is not eligible for this service.

Fee schedule

Fee schedule
Fee 30+14.29

SGD 14.29 is BLS service charge

Covid-19 safety surcharge - SGD 2.20