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Dear Applicant

Please be informed that, effective from 08/06/2020 all the Passport, Consular and OCI applications will be accepted only through the appointment system. Kindly produce your appointment confirmation message for the verification while visiting our centre

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Visa Requirements

Passport Requirements

Consular Services

OCI Services

Attestation - requirements & details


  1. Original and copy of Passport and IC is required.
  2. Sticker form which is available at BLS centers.
  3. Processing time is 3 to 5 working days.
  4. All original documents should be produced at the time of submission.

** For certain documents which need to be attested from HCI, please approach BLS where we can check with embassy for prior processing

  1. All documents originated from India can be attested directly by HCI.
  2. All documents originated from foreign country should be first notarized, and then they will be attested by HCI except few documents like Birth certificate, Marriage certificate (spouse name should be endorsed either inhusband or wife passport), Death certificate and educational documents are to be first attested by ministry of external affairs (Indian documents) or Ministry of foreign affairs (Foreign documents) and then they can be attested by HCI.
  3. All the documents should be submitted along with 1 set of copy, as one will be attested and returned to the applicant and other will be retained by HCI for future reference.
  4. For attesting the transfer certificate, applicant must bring original transfer certificateif the issuingschool is a Non-Indian School then the transfer certificate must be attested by Ministry of Education Singapore thereafter will be accepted for HCI attestation. (must bring original and copy of child and parent passport and IC)
  5. For salary slip attestation, salary slip should be sealed and signed by the company.
  6. For bank statement attestation, it has to be sealed and signed by the bank.
  7. For foreign documents such as singapore passport,NRIC, Singtel and Starhub bills, income tax should be notarized first.


  1. Covering Letter by the company stating the reason for attestation.
  2. Letter must be attested by the Academy of Law.
  3. Letter must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affair.
  4. Letter must be attested by the Notary.
  5. Sticker form.
  6. Processing time is 2 to 3 working days.

Fee schedule

Fee schedule
Fee 17+14.29

All Documents originated from Singapore like Singtel Bills, Electricity Bills, IRAS Documents, NRIC/Passes Copy, In Principle Approval letter has to be first attested by Notary Public of Singapore will thereafter be attested by HCI Singapore.

All documents originated from India like Passport Copy / PAN card copy /Educational Certificate/Marriage Certificate/Birth Certificate/PIO/OCI can be attested directly by HCI Singapore(original to be submitted for verification)

SGD 14.29 is BLS service charge

Covid-19 safety surcharge - SGD 2.20