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How to apply for Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) and Miscellaneous Services

The applicant who has completed National service must provide his ORD certificate in Original and copy along with a self-declaration letter.

The applicant who completed the NS needs to attach a declaration letter mention the current occupation details, in case if the applicant current status is student needs to produce a copy of student ID.

If the applicant is exempted from National Service, he has to produce the exemption letter in original and copy.

OCI Miscellaneous

  • - Copy of current passport.
  • - Copy of Singapore IC.
  • - Copy of OCI card.
  • - Copy of the previous passport with which OCI card is issued.
  • - Copy of the "U" visa sticker if available.
  • - Copy of Deed poll (for name change).
  • - Copy of Statutory declaration (for name difference).
  • - Copy of Marriage certificate (for spouse name addition).
  • - Copy of Police report (for lost OCI card).

Note – Applicants need to produce all the original documents mentioned above for verification and the same will be returned after the submission of application.

If the birth certificate or marriage certificate is issued from Singapore, the applicant has to get attestation on the certificate by the Singapore Academy of law.

In case if the birth certificate or marriage certificate is issued by foreign authority, is to be APOSTLE or endorsed by the concern embassy.

Please note that if the certificate is issued in any local languages it has to be translated to English and get the attestation on the translated version.

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Step 3

  1. Complete the form
  2. Save it
  3. Ensure that the computer is connected to a printer. Or else, note down the reference number for future printing.
  4. Print part A & B

Step 4


  1. Along with 2 photographs
  2. Dimensions of the photographs (not PASSPORT size)
  3. 50 mm / 50 mm
  4. Any light colored background (No white background)
  5. Along with all supporting documents
  6. Original & photocopies (one set)

    • Original Indian cancelled passport and copy
    • Original Indian renounce citizenship document and copy
    • Original Singapore passport and copy
    • Original I/C and copy
    • Birth certificate
    • Evidence of self, parents, grandparents or great-grandparents previous Indian Passport, Birth Certificate, valid foreign passport held and local residential proof.

    Spouse OCI Application

    • In case of Spouse an Indian citizen - a copy of the Indian passport including the spouse name page and original.
    • In case of Spouse an OCI cardholder – a copy of the OCI card including the spouse name page and original.
    • EVIDENCE of Spouse original cancelled Indian passport or current passport and copy
    • Spouse declaration letter
    • Registered marriage certificate

    PIO TO OCI conversion

    • Current passport which the applicant holding and copy
    • Original PIO and copy
    • I/C copy
    • ‘U’ visa copy

    Lost and damage OCI Card

    • Police report original and copy
    • lost passport or lost OCI copies
    • bring current original passport and copy