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Renunciation of citizenship (cancellation of citizenship) - requirements & details

Processing time : 5 working days


  1. The physical presence of each applicant is mandatory at the HCI during the collection of cancellation/surrender certificate.
  2. Submission of application will be at BLS centre. Physical presence of applicant for submission is mandatory who are 05 years and above.
  3. Duly filled and signed application form.
  4. 2 recent coloured photograph (51*51 mm) in white background
  5. Original and copy of Indian Passport.
  6. Original Indian Passport has to be submitted along with application which will be cancelled and returned upon collection.
  7. Original and copy of letter from immigration and checkpoints authority.
  8. Copy of foreign passport
  9. Online Passport Application Form
  10. Clear Copy of valid Singapore IC ( PR/EP/Spass/Work permit/DP) is required.
    If the applicant is PR, clear copy of PR card and valid re-entry permit are required.
  11. Copy of Singapore NRIC / EP / S Pass
  12. For collection applicant must go to HCI, Singapore - Grange Road between 4.15 PM to 5.15 PM - Monday to Friday (working days only).


NOTE : When applicant opts to take foreign citizenship he has to apply for cancellation of his / her Indian passport.

Those who are holding a handwritten Indian passport requested to approach the HCI Singapore directly for the cancellation process.

Fee schedule

Fee schedule
Renunciation Fee 200+10.80

SGD 10.80 is BLS service charge